Blood Bikes in Ireland 

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Blood Bike West was officially formed in March 2012. Since then there has been a lot of interest from people in other parts of Ireland who want to set up their own groups. This is brilliant and we cannot wait until every hospital in the country has access to a Blood Bike. 

As there is lots of rules and regulations to operating a blood bike, we decided to compile this website to show all the groups of Blood Bikes. A page where like minded people can gather all the information needed to set up and run their own group. 

Blood Bike West have done all the hard work in regards to research and compiling all the paperwork necessary. So all you have to do is contact us and we will help get you up and running!

It is important that we all adhere to the same rules and guidelines so that the HSE know that when they ring a Blood Bike group everything will go according to plan. 

As we have already started working with the HSE in the West and now the East with Blood Bike East, if new groups follow our guidelines then it will be far easier to get started.